Imagine a kid, born at the cusp of World War II to aging parents—a pianist and an engineer—who had left New York and returned to Germany in troubled times.

Somehow the family survived, suffered loss and separation, struggled with debilitating illness. Still, they found the rock-hard strength that has guided their daughter’s life.


And what a life it has been: Learning, art, love and family.


Erika worked in several museums in Washington, D.C., carried out research projects on the sources of American modernism at a great institution, The Phillips Collection, and found support and friendships among those who love art.

Now retired in a community of like-minded people, Erika writes stories nourished by a long life. She has become a student again, learning so much in Jedwin Smith's "School of Hard Knocks" and its gifted writer members.


There are thanks and smiles to be sent to the gods.

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