If you have accumulated as many decades as have I, and if you have been lucky or have done a few things right, then you might even have been given a little praise for your work.

“I am writing to introduce you to one of the most gifted writers I’ve encountered in my nine years of conducting a writer’s workshop in the Decatur, Georgia, area. Erika Passantino has written one of the most compelling memoirs I’ve ever read. In fact, her writing borders on pure literature at times.”


- Jedwin Smith, journalist, author of Our Brother’s Keeper and the

  forthcoming book, I Am Israel: Lions and Lambs of the Land.




"Erika has so much to say, experiences so intense and unique, and a style that is just right. Erika’s story, “Lisbon,” is a reminder of what we were to the world so long ago. We are grateful for her contributions to the Writers Group and Soleil Readers Theater."


- Carolyn Gehl, Editor: Over the Horizon, literary journal, Soleil,

  Canton, Georgia, January 2017